Automatic Spot Welding Equipment Basics

Automatic Spot Welding equipment

Automatic Spot Welding Equipment Basics

Automatic spot welders have become increasingly popular among construction workers due to several different reasons. More construction companies are using automatic welders as opposed to manual welders. The main reason that companies are choosing automatic welders is that they are much faster than a manual welder. However, when they first hit the market many people were put off by these machines because they did not come with all the fancy accessories that were sold with manual welders. Automatic welders were not that much better than an older style chain saw. They would weld on most types of metal but they just did not make as good of a cut as a manual welder could.

Two types of electrodes are commonly used with automatic spot welding equipment. These electrodes are known as flux cored and conductive thread. Flux cored electrodes are typically made of steel, copper or other metal that has high melting points. This makes them a lot more powerful then the threads that make up the conductive wire that most welds are made of.

There is another type of electrode commonly used in automatic spot welding equipment that is also known as the tumbler. The tumbler is made out of a very tough plastic material and is about thirty eight inches long. A tumbler is what holds the arc while the welder uses a torch to strike the weld at an angle. When you weld with a tumbler your arc is going to be much longer because the tumbler is holding it in place much longer.

One important accessory that you will want to purchase with your automatic spot welding equipment is a power supply. You need this accessory so that the electrodes you are using can feed directly into the power box. If you don’t hook your power box up to the welding machine then you won’t be able to do your welding and you will have to have the area ready to accept the welds before you start. These electrodes are usually made of a heavy gauge steel that is very tough and will last for a very long time.

You will also need a filler in your automatic spot welding equipment. The most common filler that you will find is a tungsten sleeve because it is the easiest to feed into the machine. There are also two types of welds that you can use with these machines. There are the regular welds and then there are wire feeds that are used when you are working with two types of metals.

Your automatic spot welding equipment will also have tumblers that come in different types. The different types of tumblers that you can use are called wirefeeds, tab welds and cup welds. With each of these tumblers you will have a specific temperature range that you must work within so that you don’t weld at the wrong temperature. Working with different types of tumblers will help you to get better results from your welds.