How to Choose a Portable Spot Welding Manufacturer

Elikliv Spot Welding is an industry-leading welding machine used to weld aluminum, tin, steel and other alloys with the use of a gas or electric arc. The Spot Welding Machine has various applications in various industries like automotive, electronics, power generation, aerospace, petrochemical and so on. The following information will help you in choosing the right Welding Manufacturer.

Portable Spot Welding

The best Welding Manufacturer will give you a built-in, automatic operator’s panel with fully- adjustable parameters and built-in pulse welding capability. Some of the features to look for in the weld equipment include built-in plastic heat shielding, pre-heated body panels, pre-cooled air-cooled metal sheets, and built-in electrical panel. If you want a portable machine, you must choose one that can be easily carried from place to place as well as having a light weight and a long working life. Portable units must have flexible joints that can be adjusted or reconfigured when needed. Built-in tumblers are important in portable units as they reduce distortion and increase strength and toughness.

When you are purchasing the perfect portable unit for your requirements, it is important to consider the manufacturer and the overall performance of the brand. Some of the important criteria to consider while choosing a Portable Spot Welding Manufacturer are performance based, tumbler type, and the portability of the machine. The brand and the overall performance will determine the type of accessories and spares that you will need to maintain the machine once purchased. If you plan to use the machine for industrial purposes, you should invest in a fully-automatic switching system and a battery recharging system. A fully-automatic welding process is the most suitable type for an industrial application where precision and speed are required.

Once you have shortlisted a few manufacturers, it is time to start doing a bit of research into the different brands. A Portable Spot Welding Manufacturer can be either high power or low power based. High-powered units produce more heat and are generally used by larger weld centers to low-powered units are best suited for spot welding applications. To find out which type of welding machine is best suited for your needs, do some research on the internet or ask other welder’s who have previously used a particular brand.

The next criteria to consider is the strength of the weld and the flexibility of the joints. The strength of the weld depends heavily on the material to be welded as well as the amperage, or current, capacity of the electric current provided. The amperage capacity refers to the maximum amount of current that can be supplied within a specified period. High-performance brands may have a higher amperage capacity than low-performance ones due to the higher performance of the brand.

It is important that you ask the manufacturer about the amount of torque that the weld cutter can manage while in use. As a welder, it is essential that you can easily handle the machine without much difficulty during welding. Choose a machine that comes with different settings so that you can set the level of amperage you need and manage the heat output, torque and speed. Some of the best brands in the market come with many accessories including water cooling fittings, cutting tools, accessories and a cutting disc. These additional accessories ensure that you get maximum utility from your welding machines.