Portable Welders and Their Advantages

Through heating and then applying pressure to the welded welding area, portable spot welding machines are able to fuse multiple thin metal sheets together permanently. The word spot in this welding technique refers to the welded point at which the heat and pressure were applied. Portable spot welding is a kind of direct metal arc welding; the term spot is derived from the high temperatures that are required to weld metals together. While spot welders are widely used in construction sites, they are also used in a variety of manufacturing applications such as metalworking, automobiles, and in shipbuilding.

Portable Spot Welding

There are two basic types of portable welders; the stand-alone and the hybrid. The hybrid welders are basically a combination of the stand-alone and the cross wire welding systems. In a stand-alone system, the base unit or the anvil is placed on the work area and the weld puddle is located above the weld area. Portable welders that use the cross-wire technique employ an electrical current to both weld the metal and also to drive the cross wires through the weld puddle.

The welding machine is usually a hand-held devise that has a suitable power source and a suitable electrode holder. The welding heads are often held in hand by the welder and they are usually made of tungsten carbide, powdered iron, steel or titanium. The welding machines come with variable settings for the heat and the voltage. Some of them are also equipped with time control systems. Time control systems are useful in regulating the amount of heat produced during the process of welding. Portable welding machines also have variable pulse rates that allow the welder to precisely control the arc energy that is produced during the actual welding operation.

There are various advantages of the portable welders that make them popular among users. Portable spot welders are easy to handle. They have a light weight that makes them very convenient to be carried around. They are also designed so that they provide high repeatability in the production of the welds. The welds that are created by the portable spot welding process are very pure, clean and high quality in all respects.

The welders that are operated using the electric motor have some advantages over the other welders. The most important advantage of these welding machines is that they are capable of converting the DC current into the AC voltage and so they can be used as transformer welding guns. The electric transformers can be used in the manufacture of the tubes, pipes and parts of the automobile industry. The use of the electric transformers has given rise to the concept of the resistance spot welder.

The most important advantage of the welders is that they are capable of joining different types of metals such as stainless steel, aluminium etc. Stainless steel welding rods are usually very heavy and so the use of the transformers is necessary in order to reduce the weight of the welded product. The resistance spot welder has many additional advantages like it produces high quality welds, it is easy to handle, and also it has an ability to perform in all kinds of climates.