The History Of The Electrolux Tip Dresser And Its Different Applications

Tip dressers were originally developed to be used by the welder. The invention of tip dressing changed the face of dressmaking forever. Today a Tip Dresser can be used to make just about any kind of dresser imaginable, and they can even make your own clothes!

Tip Dresser

The first tip dressers were made of steel. Because these dressers were heavy, they would often need two people to lift them. In order to make them lighter, however, engineers had to come up with ways to recycle old and obsolete steel. Today we have carbon fiber, nickel alloys and other synthetics as materials for our Tip Dresses. These materials are lighter and they are also stronger than the original steel.

The first tip dresser was created for the welder by a company called Electrolux. The name of the company was really an accident. When you look at Electrolux tubing, you will see that it is actually a bunch of little plastic bottles stacked one atop another. Invented by a none-so-professional welder, Electrolux began manufacturing their line of cutting-edge welding products in New York City. Because the company’s name was so strange, they began to be called Electrolux Electrodes. The company eventually grew and expanded, and today they make cutting-edge welding products for industries all around the world.

As the demand for Electrolux products increased, so did the company’s need to create more original products. So they turned to their long time friend, the inventor, Elmer Fudd, for help. Elmer Fudd was more than willing to help them; he created what is known as the Tip Dressing Machine. The Tip Dressing Machine is essentially a very powerful sewing machine. After it has completed its sewing job, it places the newly crafted item into a storage container.

The reason the Tip Dresser has two cutters is to save space, and prevent wasted material. The machine can sew through most fabrics; it uses a very strong vacuum to do this. When the item is placed in the storage container, the vacuum naturally pulls the item through the cutter and into the second holder. It’s that easy.

Elmer Fudd realized early on in the game that the Tip Dresser could also be used to create Electrolux clothing. As he continued to develop Electrolux clothing for the industrial market, he came up with even better Electrolux cutting machines. He eventually designed and developed the following Electrolux clothing items; the bullet vest, bullet proof vest, welding helmets, and bullet-proof vest and gloves. He also designed and developed a line of clothing called Electrolux apparel. The Electrolux apparel line includes pants, shirts, jackets, and cap sleeves.