YouTube Tutorial on Automatic Spot Welding Equipment

Automatic Spot Welding machine is utilized for welding both the steel and aluminum and alloys with the help of a weld gun. The gun is operated by pressingurized gas and a continuously heated arc is produced by the tungsten electrode. Automatic Spot Welding machines are generally used to weld different kinds of metals. There are basically two kinds of Automatic Spot Welding machines, the rotary screw and the hook and loop welding machines.

Automatic Spot Welding equipment

In the case of the Rotary Screw welder, it is basically a table top welder similar to that of the stick welder but the only difference is that the user is seated in the stool and is using the tip of the stick. In the case of the Hook and Loop welder, it is basically a metal loop welder similar to that of the stick welder but this time the user is standing in a position so that the tip of the welding machine can reach his hands. The power is directly fed to the welding equipment through a cable. A wire feed is provided so that the operator may feed the welding wire while he is working. The automatic spot welding equipment is easy to use and maintenance is not very costly. However, in order to weld thicker materials, it is advisable to use metal tube welders rather than the screw welders.

Automatic welding equipment is generally made up of tank of liquefied gas, electrodes and electric lamps. The inert gas mixture is stored in a cylindrical tank and when required, the welding equipment is turned on and the inert gas mixes with the gas and creates the arc. The inert gas is very important as it limits the arc and protects the weld from overheating. Electric lamps also add to the safety and provide illumination during the process.

There are different types of automatic welding machines. Some of these machines include gas tumbler welders, wire feed welders and electric motor welders. All these machines are capable of welding different metals with ease. Gas tumbler welders use an electric motor to generate the welding arc, while wire feed welders feed the welding electrodes through an electric motor to the welding chamber.

If we look into the details of this automatic welding equipment, we would find that the core part of the machine includes a welding chamber, a welding column and a feed conveyor. The feeding mechanism of the machine includes a wire feed, a welding column and a lithium battery. All the above mentioned parts are fed by means of a long metallic tube called the strut. The entire mechanism works when two bolts on the side of the machine push the lithium battery toward the welding chamber and when the wire is struck by the welding column, this automatically leads to a spark.

The whole mechanism is controlled by a computer and this allows the operator to control the welding process. One can easily control the feed rate of the lithium battery by means of a dial that is connected to a computer. There is another automatic welding process called the cup flaring where the wire is fed through a welding puddle. In this method, a hot air gun is used to ignite the welding puddle which results in the melting of the welded surface. A small flame is emitted from the welding puddle as well. This YouTube tutorial helps you understand how an automatic spot machine works and how you can use it to safely weld any type of metal including sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel and other alloys.