Is Portable Spot Welding Easier Than Traditional welding?

Portable Spot Welding

Is Portable Spot Welding Easier Than Traditional welding?

Welding in portable units offers many benefits over classic welding techniques. Portable units can be transported easily and safely to a job site or manufacturing plant. Portable welders are able to weld through sheet metal and stainless steel sheets much faster than traditional welding techniques. Portability also makes these machines easier to use and less of an effort to use on a daily basis. Best Portable Spot Welding Machines Comparison Table

Welding gun: The welders come equipped with the latest handheld welding gun models that are much lighter and easier to handle than older styles. Some welders even have dual wielding guns for greater gun control. Other models only hold one gun at a time. If you are going to weld large pieces such as sheet metals, you will need to buy both the guns to perform the welding jobs efficiently.

Battery pack/Inverter box: One thing about welding systems is that they have a rechargeable battery pack and an inverter box to store the energy needed to power the machine. The rechargeable battery pack is usually located above the machine, while the inverter box is installed underneath the machine. Battery packs are available in different voltages and you should choose one that is high enough to power your machine without being overcharged. You will also want to purchase a battery that has a long life span, since you will constantly have the machine operating at a low-voltage state.

Nickel Cadmium Battery Packs: The NiCad battery is used in most of the rechargeable type of welding machine that uses a weld puddle. This type of welding machine will allow the welder to maintain a constant arc until the battery pack is completely drained. The NiCad battery does require constant recharging and it should be kept at a safe distance from other sources of power, especially if there is a break in the power supply. The weld puddle may also leak and will cause the arc to be interrupted, especially if there is a pool of water beneath the welding machine. Because nickel cadmium batteries can self-destruct, you should only use them in a fully enclosed environment and store them in a safe location.

How Does it Work? The spot welding process works by feeding a welding rod directly into a piece of stainless steel, nesium or aluminum material. The inert gases created during the process will prevent the metal from moving during the process, allowing the weld to stay secure. A welding machine’s tip should be touching the surface when the rod is fed in, to avoid premature welding. This type of welding is most commonly used to weld thinner pieces of metal such as nuts and bolts.

Is it Easy to Use? A portable spot welder works just like a standard, run of the mill welder. It is probably easiest to use if you already have some experience with welding. You will need some welding experience to operate this particular machine, or if you’re planning on learning how to use it, then you will need to invest in a welding course.