Grinding Wheels – An Overview

Surface grinder is one of the most common machines used in metal fabrication, where it is used for grinding and polishing metal surfaces. Surface grinder is used for producing a smooth surface on flat surfaces like polished metals or chrome plated metals. It is a commonly used abrasive machining machine in which a rotating wheel is equipped with abrasive material which makes a circular face of it smooth or flat.

Surface Grinder

The surface grinder has become an indispensable equipment for the metal worker as it helps him or her to perform various kinds of jobs that are associated with grinding and polishing metal. There are different types of grinders and the use of different grinding wheels makes it different from each other. There are many advantages of using this type of machine like faster and smoother machining, faster and finer cutting edges, less dust, lesser friction, fewer abrasives and lesser wear and tear.

There are various types of grinding wheels used in surface grinder. They are: coarse, medium, fine and diamond. The coarse grinders are used for grinding very coarse materials like metal and other such materials. The medium type of grinders are mostly used for grinding coarse materials like aluminum, wood, stone etc.

Diamond type is used for grinding finer material. The fine type of grinder is generally used for grinding extremely fine materials like stone, marble, glass and plastic. You will find many different types of abrasives that are used in grinding.

The surface grinder uses various types of abrasives. Generally the grit level of the grinding wheel determines the kind of abrasive used for grinding. The diamond type abrasives which are used are high-pitch diamond, titanium carbide and diamond carbide.

The grinding wheels are also made in different sizes and shapes depending on the need of a particular job. The main type of surface grinder is known as belt-driven surface grinder, which is known as the most common type of grinding machine used in today’s modern industry.

Surface grinder comes with two types of accessories that help to increase its versatility. One of the accessories is known as rotary blade guard which provides safety while cutting.

The other accessory is known as grinding wheels, which helps to prevent dust from entering the grinding unit. It is mainly used for preventing the dust and the dirt from entering into the grinding device. The other type of accessory called dust collection system helps to keep the dust collection cup, which is used to collect dust at the backside of the grinding unit clean.

The grinding wheels can be either screw or belt driven. The screw driven wheels have a fixed belt that runs through the center and it runs across the grinding wheel.