Using a Plasma Cutting Machine to Cut Plywood

Plasma cutting machines are a popular and necessary addition to any warehouse. These machines cut plywood to the exact dimensions required and allow you to store and display your items with great efficiency. They allow for greater variety in your warehouse and at the same time enable you to make every cut accurate.

Plasma Cutting Machines

These machines are most commonly used to cut plywood, although they can be used for other materials as well. Most of these machines use high temperature plasma technology to cut your material to exact specifications. When using this cutting technique, the cutter head has the ability to absorb and release plasma which is created by a high-powered electrical discharge.

Cutting plasma is similar to the process of using a torch to cut metal. It requires that the source of the electrical energy is on the lower end of the plasma voltage scale. The plasma cutter will heat up when it is necessary to cut material and turn to liquid in order to reduce the temperature and reduce the risk of fire.

In order to cut plywood accurately with a plasma cutting machine, it is necessary to follow a set of procedures. The highest quality machines require that you use a three-degree angle of cut. At these angles, the laser will penetrate the material better and be able to burn off the surface layers for a sharper finish.

When cutting larger pieces, the machine should be adjusted so that the cutting head is level. If this is not done correctly, the material will be partially cut and the blade will leave noticeable sharp edges on the item. It is important to use a pencil to ensure that the angles are correct.

Even with the basic precautions taken, there is still the risk of a fire occurring if a spark or an accident causes the plasma to jump to full power. This is why it is important to place a guard over the machine and use water to cool it down after each use. This should help prevent any unnecessary fires from happening.

Plywood is also very susceptible to shrinkage, so make sure that you purchase quality material. It is possible to install larger wood pieces without having to worry about shrinking and warping, but some companies that make these machines recommend that you stick to smaller pieces. If you use higher quality materials, you can expect to see a much longer lifespan for your machines.

While it is true that this type of cutting machine can cut plywood more accurately than any other type of machine, be sure to research the type of laser beam that the company uses. Some laser beams will leave darker marks than others, so it is important to make sure that you have the right machine for the job. Once you know what you need, be sure to make sure that the company uses a high quality machine that has adequate warranty coverage in order to protect you in the event of an accident.