How to Repair Your Plasma Cutting Machine

To repair your plasma cutting machine is very easy and the only thing you need to do is to start by plugging it in. If the machine stops working, then chances are that the switch or the wires for that matter have become damaged.

Apart from this, you may also find that the machine does not cut as easily as before due to a wrong wire. This could be due to a small amount of water in the machine, which is going to destroy the wires and prevent the machine from working properly. You should also avoid touching the wires as this will cause corrosion.

Firstly, you should find out the source of water. If the machine works fine, then you have probably dried out the machine’s inside. For this, you will have to remove the packing that is in front of the machine. It will usually fall off.

Removing the packing can be a very simple process. But for bigger machines, you will have to remove more than one packing. Also, the machine should not be fully dried, otherwise the drying process will not work properly.

The next step to take is to get a shrink tube and place it around the damaged area. This will ensure that the moisture is completely removed and when you dry the machine, you will find that there is no water left on the outside.

After this, you should try to work on the machine, starting with removing the insulation. In case of any cables, you should reconnect them and put them back as well.

Then you should call a repair service provider and he will be able to remove the damaged cables. Once this is done, you should wait for the repair professional to finish and once he is done, you should start to clean the inner part of the machine using a tool.

Finally, you should test the machine for a while to make sure that everything is working properly. If it starts working properly, then all you have to do is to recharge the machine and re-run it again.