Types of Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma cutting machines are used for the production of various metal products like aluminum, steel, sheet metal, and brass. It is because of its superior heat resistance, toughness, corrosion resistance, lightweight, and the ability to be machine controlled that this product has been favored by most manufacturers over the years. They are also able to produce high quality finished products.

You can find plasma cutting machines in a wide range of configurations. You will see them in a very compact form, very large size and with limited or no mobility. The choices you can make depend on your specifications and what you are looking for in a machine.

There are many different types of these machines that are ideal for different types of applications. They come in various forms such as a stand-alone unit, remote operated one, self-contained unit, etc. Here are the most popular models of these machines:

The Swedish Plasma Cutter is a stand-alone unit that is capable of doing all the work and provides a variety of functions such as cutting, polishing, drawing, etching, etc. You can cut almost any metal easily. This is the most used one for industrial users.

Another plasma cutter that is very useful is the Milwaukee Adjustable Plasma Cutter. It is also a stand-alone unit that has the capability of doing all the functions including the cutting, etching, polishing, etching removal, etc. This one is less expensive than other models.

A flatbed plasma cutter has a wider range of uses that are in sheet metal. The main purpose of this machine is for the smooth finishing of sheets and make sure that you will get an even and flawless finish of the products. Some of the models are non-motorized, which makes it easier to handle and safer to use. The current model comes with many options such as variable speed setting, finish package, multiple cutting direction and heat level control.

The Borg Air Plasma Cutter is a versatile machine that is not expensive as compared to other models. It is known for its reliability and uses a special technology that makes it run for long times without any trouble.

You should know that in order to keep your plasma cutter in good working condition, you should regularly clean it. It has become very common for plasma cutting machines to get contaminated with dust, dirt, oil, and other materials. They can be cleaned using steam, hot water, and water spray.