The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and theGovernment of Solomon Islands in view of the existing close andcordial ties between the two countries and fraternal friendshipbetween the two peoples and with the mutual desire to continuethe preceding agricultural technical cooperation, have agreed asfollows:Article I(a) The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) agrees to dispatch a Technical Mission (hereinafter referred to as the Mission) to carry out the projects agreed upon between the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Government of Solomon Islands under this Agreement.(b) The Mission shall cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development of Solomon Islands (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) in undertaking the following projects: 1.Providing technical assistance for community farmers on the production and marketing of rice and its rotation crops, including the supply of farming inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides), chemical spraying and rice milling equipment, extension support, and the establishment of on-farm rice demonstration plots in the provinces; and expansion into commercial rice farming. 2.Training of farmers and agriculture workers recommended by the Ministry. 3.Seed production. 4.Crop variety screening and introduction of new farming technologies. 5.Assisting farmers in small-scale pig and poultry raising. 6.Pursuing study for food processing and value-adding. 7.Commercial rice farms development. 8.Providing assistance for integrated training in various fields. 9.Fruit trees development. 10.Providing know-how on farmers association and cooperatives . 11.Providing experts in water management and irrigation system.Article IIThe Ministry shall assist Model Communities in securing loansfor rice production. Model Communities are the selectedcommunities which are most suitable for rice farming within thecountry and shall receive technical supervision from theMission.Article IIIThe Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) agrees:(a) to pay the Taipei-Honiara round-trip expenses for the Leader and members of the Mission, and their remuneration and living expenses during their service in Solomon Islands;(b) to defray all the administration expenses of the Mission except specified otherwise in this Agreement;(c) to be responsible for the life and accident insurance for the Leader and members of the Mission;(d) to provide the Agriculture Training Centre of the Mission and the Training/Demonstration Farm with farm machinery, tools, farming inputs which are not procurable in Solomon Islands, as well as with transportation, farm buildings, and other necessary facilities or equipment;(e) to pay for the running and maintenance expenses of the aforesaid farm machinery, transportation, farm buildings, and facilities or equipment; and(f) to assist the Ministry to establish an experimental system to supply farm tools, farming inputs to project farmers and to market the farmers’ produce, by charging a fee reflecting the production, importation, processing or handling costs; the fee so charged shall be deposited in special revolving fund account at a co-signatory authorization for the control of the account by the Ministry and the Mission; the revolving fund shall be solely for the use of the projects.Article IVThe Government of Solomon Islands agrees:(a) to permit duty-free entry of all items referred to in subsection (d) of Article III and to provide free quarantine examination for such entry;(b) to provide the Mission with other farm machinery, tools and equipment deemed to be necessary to supplement those specified in subsection (d) of Article III;(c) to designate one full-time liaison officer from the Ministry with responsibility to coordinate between the Ministry and the Mission; and(d) to assign the relevant Division and Section at Headquarters of the Ministry and its Agricultural Divisions in the provinces that shall work together with the Mission in the implementation of the projects.Article VTo the Leader and members of the Mission, the Government ofSolomon Islands shall undertake:(a) to provide appropriate housing for the Mission Leader and members; such housing shall have adequate water and electricity supply and shall be provided in the same manner and under the same conditions as accorded to senior civil servants of Solomon Islands;(b) to provide local transportation and accommodation for Mission members on official trips to family islands outside Honiara;(c) to provide with the same medical service and benefits as accorded to Solomon Islands citizens;(d) to permit duty-free entry of personal and household effects at the time of taking up their assignment or during their service or within the extended period as may be granted by the Controller of Customs and Excise of Solomon Islands; no such items imported duty free shall be sold or disposed of by members of the Mission before the termination of their assignment without paying pro-rata duty on those items;(e) to grant tax exemption on the stipends, emoluments and allowances paid to them by the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan);(f) to accord them the right to open a “non-resident external account” with a commercial bank in Solomon Islands for depositing their stipends, emoluments and allowances received from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the right to transfer to any other country at any time the balance in such an account; this is, however, subject to the applicable requirements of the commercial banks and the Central Bank.(g) to exempt them from immigration and visa requirements, alien registration and work permit;(h) to guarantee the same repatriation facilities in time of international crisis normally available to diplomatic envoys; and(i) to provide treatments not less favourable than that provided to comparable personnel working in Solomon Islands.Article VIThe Government of Solomon Islands shall hold liability for anydamages associated with the execution of this Agreement, andshall assume the responsibility to settle any claim for damagethat may be brought against the Mission or the Government of theRepublic of China (Taiwan), arising from any activities inconnection with this Agreement, unless the damage, as determinedjointly by both Governments, is due to gross negligence andwillful misconduct.Article VIIThis Agreement shall retroactively enter into force from thetwelfth day of December 2007 after its signature and shallremain in force for four years.Article VIIIThe Agreement may be terminated upon written notice by eitherGovernment, and shall so be terminated ninety days after thereceipt of such notice.Article IXThis Agreement may be amended by mutual agreement between thetwo Governments through the exchange of notes.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, duly authorized by theirrespective Governments, have signed this Agreement.Done in duplicate in Chinese and English, both texts beingequally authentic, at Honiara this sixteenth day of the ninthmonth of the ninety-seventh year of the Republic of China(Taiwan), corresponding to the sixteenth day of the ninth monthof the year two thousand and eight.For the Government of the For the Government ofRepublic of China (Taiwan) Solomon Islands───────────── ───────────H.E. George Chan Hon. Selwyn RiumanaAmbassador Extraordinary Minister for Agriculture andand Plenipotentiary Livestock Development

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