This Agreement is made by and between the Coordination Councilfor North Americal Affairs (hereinafter referred to as ” CCNAA”)and the American Institute in Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as” AIT”). This Agreement is entered into pursuant to the TaiwanRelations Act (Public Law 96-8, April 10, 1979; 22 U.S.C 3301 et. seq.).WHEREAS, CCNAA, on behalf of its designated representative, theTaiwan Synchrotron Radiation Research Laboratory (hereinafter r-eferred to as “TSRRL”), is desirous of having fabricated certainequipment for use by the TSRRL.WHEREAS, AIT, on behalf of its designated representative, the S-tanford Linear Accelerator Center (hereinafter referred to as “SLAC “), a contractor to the U.S. Department of Energy, agreesto fabricate the equipment desired by TSRRL.Now, therefore, it is agreed by and between CCNAA and AIT as fo-llows :Article ICCNAA agrees to engage AIT to have fabricated certain equipmentfor use by CCNAA’s designated representative, TSRRL.Article IIAIT shall carry out its responsibilities pursuant to this Agree-ment with due diligence and efficiency.AIT shall, through its designated representative, SLAC, keep ac-curate and systematic accounts and records in respect of the se-rvices provided pursuant to this Agreement, and shall permit CC-NAA, or its designated representative, TSRRL, to inspect same a-nd make copies thereof.AIT shall, through its designated representative, SLAC, furnishto CCNAA or its designated representative, TSRRL, such informat-ion related to the services AIT shall provide to CCNAA pursuantto this Agreement as may be reasonably requested.CCNAA shall ensure, pursuant to this Agreement, that AIT or itsdesignated representative, SLAC, is held clear and free of allcustoms duties and impositions charged by the authorities in theterritory represented by CCNAA. Neither AIT nor its designatedrepresentative, SLAC, shall be required to pay any duties or ta-xes in executing the terms and conditions of this Agreement.Article Ⅲ Duties of AIT Obligations of CCNAA Pursuant to this Agreement, CCNAA shall assist AIT in obtainingimport licenses and other documents necessary for executing theterms and conditions of this Agreements.Payment to AITArticle IV It is understood that AIT cannot finance activities under thisAgreement. Consequently, AIT must require payment for all costsproperly involved in providing services rendered pursuant to th-is Agreement.Payment shall be made to AIT by CCNAA in U.S. dollars. Such pay-ment shall be made to the following address.American Institute in Taiwan1700 N.Moore Street, Suite 1705 Arlington, VA 22209AIT costs are estimated for the services rendered under the App-endix to this Agreement. At the completion of work under that A-ppendix any balance of funds unexpended shall be returned to CC-NAA, or any monies due AIT will be billed to CCNAA.Article VCCNAA shall compensate AIT separately for any additional work asagreed upon between the two parties and resulting from CCNAA’sspecific request. The scope of work, AIT’s costs, and the methodof payment of such additional work will be agreed upon, in writ-ing, by CCNAA and AIT.Article VICCNAA may at any time invite AIT to change or alter the scope a-nd duration of the work to be performed under this Agreement. Ifany such change or alteration shall cause an increase in the co-st of or the time required for the completion of work performedunder this Agreement, a modification shall be made in the estim-ate of AIT’s costs and/or agreement termination data, and suchother provisions of this Agreement as may be affected, providedthat the Agreement shall be modified in writing and approved byboth parties.Article VⅡThis Agreement becomes effective on the date of the final signa-ture hereinafter and shall be valid for a period of one (1) yera. The Agreement shall be implemented upon payment to AIT by CCN-AA of the amount specified in the Appendix to this Agreement.IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties hereto have hereby set their ha-nds by their duly authorized representatives and have caused th-is Agreement to be signed and effective the date of the last si-gnature hereafter.for : Coordination Council for North American Affairs Name : [Signed] George K. Liu Title:Director of Science Div. Date :April 20, 1988 FOR :American Institute in Taiwan Name : [Signed] joseph B. Kyle Title:Corporate Secretary Date :April 20, 1988 DOC. 4724A────────────────────────────────Appendix NO.1 to the Agreement between the Coordination Councilfor North American Affairs and the American Institute in Taiwanfor Procurement of Equipment for the Taiwan Synchrotron Radiati-on Research Laboratory1 Purpose of Appendix This Appendix provides for the following services to be perfo- rmed by AIT for CCNAA under the Agreement: fabrication of one two cavity RF System, one one Cavity RF System and space modu- les.2 Cost of Services The estimated total cost of services under this Appendix is US $324,350.00. A breakdown of the cost is attached.3 Payment for the services provided under this Appendix shall be as set forth in Article 5 of the Agreement.4 This Appendix will become effective upon the date of the last signature hereafter of the representatives of CCNAA and AIT a- nd remain in effect for the duration of the Agreement. for : Coordination Council for North American Affairs Name :[Signed] George K. Liu Title:Director of Science Div. Date :April 20, 1988 FOR :American Institute in Taiwan Name :[Signed] Joseph B. Kyle Title:Corporate Secretary Date :Apri1 20,1988────────────────────────────────Estiniated Breakdown of Cost of Fabricating One Two Cavity RF S-ystem, One One Cavity RF System and Space Modules (In$U.S.)A Salaries and Wages 101,600.00 (Electronic Engineering) (l,800.00) (Electronic Drafting) (9,200.00) (Electronic Fabrication) (90,600.00)B Expendable Materials 1 15,300.00 and SuppliesC Contingency 32,600.00D Total Direct Costs 249,500.00 (A,B, & C)E Indirect Cost at 30% 74,850.00 of Line DF Total Costs 324,350.00

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