The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Taiwan andthe Directorate for Standards and Quality, Vietnam and(hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”),* With the aim of eliminating technical barriers to trade and promoting economic relations between Taiwan and Vietnam;* Reaffirming their commitment to the principles and norms adopted by international organizations for standardization, metrology and conformity assessment;* Desiring to develop cooperation in the field of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment;* Being guided by their mutual economic interests; have agreed as follows:1. The Parties shall cooperate and perform joint activities in the field of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment on the basis of additional agreements, the minutes and programs as the following: (1) Harmonizing national standards with international standards in order to promote technical, scientific and economic cooperation. (2) Establishing and developing direct relationships between the scientific and research institutes of both Parties regarding standardization, metrology and conformity assessment. (3) Providing information within a reasonable amount of time on any significant changes occurring in certification procedures and on the trends of national standardization and related regulations. (4) Conducting activities on the mutual recognition of the results of conformity assessment procedures.2. The Parties shall exchange the following: (1) Normative documents, information and periodicals published by the respective national standardization bodies; catalogues of national standards, separate national standards, norms and information on regulations and conformity assessment procedures; (2) General information and publications on certification, accreditation of testing laboratories and certification bodies; and (3) Information and materials regarding the training programs and the upgrading of specialists qualifications in the field of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment.3. The exchange of delegations of specialists and trainers to study, share experience and conduct consultations, training of specialists in the field of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment shall be carried out according to the separate arrangements and protocols, according to Item 7 of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).4. The costs of international travel, local transportation and subsistence during exchange of specialists are described in Annex 1, attached to this MOU.5. The Parties shall insure confidentiality concerning documents and information received within the framework of this MOU. This information can only be transferred to a third Party after gaining the written consent of the Party that provided the information.6. The Parties agree to work within the framework of international and regional organizations to promote the solidarity, consolidation of their positions and increase their roles regarding international activities in the field of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment.7. For realizing the provisions of this MOU, the Parties may negotiate and conclude additional protocols or exchange of notes.8. Financing of the various activities initiated under this MOU shall be mutually arranged on a case-by-case basis.9. Any disputes arising from the interpretation or fulfillment of this MOU shall be settled by negotiations. This MOU may be amended, modified by a written protocol or an exchange of notes of both Parties.10. This MOU replaces the MOU between the Bureau of Commodity nspection and Quarantine, Taiwan and the Directorate for Standards and Quality, Vietnam signed on June 19, 1995. This MOU shall be valid for a period of two years from the signing date and shall be automatically extended every two years. Either Party may terminate this MOU by providing the other Party with a written notice at least six months in advance.11. This MOU is done in Hanoi on ………………….. 2005 in uplicate in the Vietnamese, Chinese and English languages; all texts being equally authentic. In case of divergent interpretation of Vietnamese and Chinese texts, the English version shall prevail.For the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspectionof TaiwanMr. Neng-Jong LinDirector GeneralFor the Directorate for Standards and Quality of VietnamDr. Ngo Quy VietDirector General

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